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Tyre industry

Compounding systems for the special requirements of the tyre industry

The best coordination of components and control optimises availability

The HF MIXING GROUP develops and builds equipment for compounding facilities with passion. Our broad spectrum of industry-specific knowledge makes us a reliable partner for the tyre industry, where our machines are used for all tyre types imaginable. We use our expertise to create tailored solutions in order to achieve the highest benefit for the customer. We are able to promise reliable and dependable future oriented solutions thanks to our engineering know-how and our many years of experience in the business. Our customers value our commitment and the high degree of process reliability that we achieve using our optimal products. Yet we have even more to offer our customers than just our product range, we also offer an impressive reliable service that is tailored to each customer.

The HF MIXING GROUP uses its technical expertise to develop compounding facilities and systems while taking into account the continuously increasing safety and efficiency requirements. Therefore it is particularly important for us to also optimise the procedures of the mixing lines by working on better coordination between the individual components of the line and the control system. We feel that the integration of the machine and control system will continue to grow more important in the future, just as we have seen with the development of the automobile. We have therefore set a goal for ourselves to optimise the availability of the mixing lines and to enable you to plan for unavoidable standstills.


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