Smart Mixing Room

ADVISE® is a modular and scalable system for mixing room automation. It covers every process within a mixing room: from the raw materials store, the computer-controlled manual and fully automated weighing of small components, the mixing process, downstream equipment and storage of mixtures. State-of-the-art automation systems are available for individual areas and machines. Separate applications can be selected according to requirements and merged together in a single automation system. Standard interfaces within mixing room automation systems enable easy connection to ERP systems and laboratory equipment.

A: Truck unloading

B: Small chemicals

C: Material weighing

D: Mixer

E: Main drives

F: Twin Screw Extruder

G: Batchoff

H: Logistics

Smart Production

The goal of smart production is to maximise SAFETY, FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY as well as to minimize COSTS and RISKS.

  • Campaign Management
  • Demand driven production – maximize utilization
    • Utilizing stock management (ADVISE® IMS)
    • Detailed product knowledge (ADVISE® PMS)
    • Optimum production planning (ADVISE® PPS)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Management of
    • Raw materials
    • Mixing recipes
    • Mixing orders
    • Reports
    • Charts
    • Mixing line configuration
    • User Management
    • Interfaces to 3rd party ERP systems
  • ADVISE® PPS – Production Planning System
  • ADVISE® PMS – Product Management System


  • Inventory management systems
  • Material flow controls
  • Lot traceability and material stocks
  • Interface with warehouse management
  • Mobile apps for logistics

Mixing Room Data Analysis

Mixing Room Data Analysis

Analysis of:

  • OEE (Overall equipment efficiency)
  • Material
  • Process
  • Production
  • Machines

Intelligent Controllers

  • iRAM – intelligent ram controller
  • iTC – intelligent temperature control unit
  • iXSeal – intelligent dust stop controller
  • Intelligent constant batch temperature controller
  • Intelligent torque related oil injection controller

Intelligent User Interface

  • Easy navigation and interaction of machine controls due to consistent design
  • Local languages available
  • Individualisation of shown information

Remote User Interface

  • Access configuration of field operator stations from central maintenance and service stations
  • Possibility to receive remote service assistance from HF

Engineered Drives

  • Process optimized main drive system engineered by HF
  • Drive, motor, gear box – selected based on customers unique mixing needs allowing for most energy efficient and effective mixing performance
  • Independent drive system for tangential mixers:
    • Gearbox with two inlets
    • Variable friction and angle settings
    • Different options for implementation
    • Two seperate drive system
    • One drive system
  • Hardware independent software controller

Data Exchange Self-Optimizing

  • Automatic calibration of equipment through intelligent PLC
  • Synchronisation of safety and process settings between machines on a single mixing line
  • Secure communication over industrial network

Smart Services

  • 24/7 hotline
  • Software updates & upgrades
  • Remote and on-site services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • User support
  • Electrical installation & engineering

Online Condition Monitoring

  • Detailed device data
  • Transit times
  • Equipment downtimes
  • Fault analysis
  • Trends
  • On premise or cloud solution

Remote Maintenance

  • Fast remote support
  • Reduced downtime
  • High resolution rate (75%)
  • Secure connection (No cloud service)
  • 24/7 full access on demand

Virtual machines

  • HF machine and equipment library
  • Digital machine twins
  • Electrical and PLC validation
  • Virtual commissioning and startup

Customer Service Portal

  • Electronic spare parts catalogue
  • Detailed documentation
  • Inspection reports
  • Service requests
  • Helpdesk